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Collision damage waiver

Collision Damage Waiver reduces the renter's liability from the total cost of the damage to an excess amount, where applicable, unless the renter intentionally causes the damage, is under the influence of drink or drugs, or uses the car in a prohibited or negligent way – such as driving off main roads or hiring to other parties. CDW covers liability for damage to the car or its parts. In most locations, windscreens, tyres, undercarriage, replacement locks, replacement keys and towing charges are not covered under the CDW policy. Other exclusions may apply and can differ between car hire companies, so we recommend checking these exclusions with the car hire company when picking the car up.

Handicap controls

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Fees may apply for additional drivers. Please check with our Contact Centre.

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Child seats, roof racks (not available on some cars) and other ‘extra’ items are available on request in most locations, although they cannot be guaranteed. There is usually a fee payable to the company. In most locations, child seats are required by law. Please note: rear seatbelts may not be provided in all cars. Please check with our Contact Centre regarding these items. Requests for these items should be made at the time of booking.


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